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Coaching and Consulting brought to you by the team between many successful 7 and 8 figure businesses.

We give businesses real applicable information and strategy based on what is working right now; we don't teach theory... just reality.

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About My Success Team


My Success Team is a group coaching community for online and "brick & mortar" business owners who want to grow.

My Success Team is backed by an 8-figure company that was built from $0 all the way to $25MM per year in annual gross revenue. We employ over 160 employees and independent contractors all over the world.

Our area of excellence is in online marketing. We have a full in-house team responsible for spending up to $1,000,000 a month in online ads split between direct affiliates, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Content Distribution networks.

We also employ 5 full-time copywriters who know how to write messages that get website visitors to take action and purchase or request more information. We focus on "direct response" meaning we won't just show you how a video can get "impressions" or views... we'll help you get results.

Our Difference

What sets us apart is that we aren't teaching theory or what we learned at some event. We are able to give real businesses real applicable information and strategies based on what is working right now. If all we focused on was marketing, this would be an absolute bargain at $299/month.

  • Not Theory
  • Incredibly Current Information
  • An Absolute Bargain

Who Needs MST Coaching?

Our coaching and Masterminds are ideal for the following types of professionals and businesses :

Service Providers





Real Estate Agents

Brick & Mortar Businesses



Other Professionals

How Can MST Coaching Help Me?

Improve Upon Success

If you're already successful with your business but want more: more leads, more sales.

Prepare to Go Public/Sell

If you who want to scale your business with the goal of building an asset that can be sold or taken public.

Switch Your Focus to Growth

If you who want to get out of the day-to-day operations of your business, and focus on growth.

Improve Marketing

If you want help with advertising and marketing, including Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

Get the Coaching you Need to Succeed!

Our core concept is MOPS




Product /


Overview of MOPS

We focus on our core concept called MOPS. MOPS makes up the four most important factors of success and is how you clean up in business.

  • Marketing - ads, copy, funnels, branding, messaging
  • Operations - scaling, management, hiring, customer experience, technology, customer service
  • Product/Fulfillment - product, service, fulfillment, experience, churn, price point, business model
  • Sales - front-end, back-end, scripts, sales management, tracking tools

Another important concept is SAFE






Overview of SAFE

Another important concept is SAFE which is focused on the riskier side of the business.

  • Scaling - Scaling safely
  • Advice (legal) - making sure you have proper legal/compliance/attorney
  • Finance - cash flow, credit, paying staff, bills
  • Education - continuing to learn, staying up to date in your market; all the changes that are happening, all the time


My Success Team provides you with real-world coaching based on what's working right now.


Business Coaching

We hold weekly group coaching calls and Q&A calls where you will learn about:

  • Sales - how to manage a sales team, how to recruit a sales team, how to write better scripts and close more deals
  • Fulfillment - how to build a team so you aren't the one doing everything... we show you how to not be the bottleneck
  • Finance - what to do if you are having cash flow problems, profit problems, or need funding to grow faster
  • HR - how to manage employees, bonuses, stock options, morale, and more
  • Compliance/Legal - Making sure you don't run afoul of regulations - Keep what you build safe!
  • Technology - CRMs, tracking, phone systems, support desks, servers, domains, all the tech stuff that makes the modern world work
  • And Much More - we also cover Scaling Operations, Customer Service, Customer Success, Customer Experience, and more


Marketing Coaching

And of course on the marketing side, where we really shine, you'll learn all about:

  • Writing Ads - how to write ads that convert
  • Email List Building - how to build a powerful, highly-engaged email list
  • Lead Magnets - how to create "Lead Magnets" that get potential customers to give you their information
  • Facebook Marketing - how to start and scale with Facebook Ads
  • Google Marketing - how to start and scale with Google Ads
  • Youtube Marketing - how to start and scale with YouTube Ads
  • Funnel Building - how to build marketing funnels that convert
  • And Much More - since marketing is our expertise, you'll learn a lot of additional techniques and strategies


Group Coaching

Group Coaching Webinars are the core of our program and take place 3 times a week. Each webinar is 60 minutes long and focuses on one of the core MOPS topics. While the group size is open, anyone can ask anything and we strive to answer all questions.

We also do bi-weekly HotSeat Calls where a member volunteers to receive a personalized marketing assessment that the whole group takes part in. While the group is on the call, we do a funnel breakdown, review their ads, marketing techniques, landing pages, traffic sources, etc. As we go through the assessment, we offer ideas and feedback to improve each aspect of their marketing strategy.

In addition to the group calls, you'll also get access to our coaching via a support email address that you can use to ask additional questions.


Meet The Success Team

Meet the team that's going to take your business to the next level.

Plus 18 other Success Team members with a variety of different specialties.

Client Testimonials


Pricing & Packages


Group Coaching

$299 / MONTH


$2,497 / YEAR

  • Webinars 3 Times/Week
    60-Minutes Each
    Q&A Included
  • Bi-Weekly HotSeat Calls
  • Email Coaching Support

Individual Coaching


Contact Us

  • 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Custom-Tailored Material
  • Coaching on Your Schedule
  • Priority Email Support



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  • High-End Masterminds
  • Hand-Picked Attendees
  • Learn from the Best
  • Most In-Depth Material

Learn More in our FAQ

If you're a business owner who wants to grow in a sustainable way, then this is the program you are looking for. If you're not ready to take action, then we probably aren't the team for you. If you want to get more done in less time and build a team you can trust, then we can help. Give us a try, we know you'll love what we teach.
There is no contract whatsoever, you can cancel anytime.
You have a full 30 days to get a refund if you aren't happy with our service. But we are pretty sure once you join, you'll stay forever.
If you are burned out, we can probably help you the most! You need to learn to delegate the tasks that drain you and focus your time on the high leverage activities that make you the most money.

And don't worry, you can have any of your team members join in on any call so you don't have to be the only one "learning". In short, we are here to support you and your company/team.
Nope, not at all. Most online "programs" are all about funnels and marketing. While we cover those topics, we also teach and coach you through all aspects of business from scaling to legal, and from operations to finance. If you want to safely scale and grow your business, there's no place out there quite like MST.
We sure wish we could wave a magic wand and make you rich, but that's one thing we haven't found yet. Real success takes smart work and consistent focus. We can give you the tools and training to get you there. While we can't guarantee any outcome, we can guarantee we will support you every step of the way.
This is a common question... and yes, we teach business principles first, strategies and tactics second. With our included email coaching support, we will be able to teach you how to apply these principles and strategies to your specific business and industry. You will have access to our support email and will be able to email us your industry-specific questions and have them answered live on our training webinars.

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